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ChemiSky Co., Ltd. specializes in the field of Process Engineering. In the areas of scientific test equipment, pilot systems for the research institutes, quality control laboratories and plants.

Since 1989, ChemiSky Co., Ltd. has introduced globally recognized cutting-edge technologies to domestic industries and played a part in the development of related industries. Thanks to close cooperation with our partners as well as active support from our customers, we have been able to survive and develop further.

We have communicated with our customers through various promotions such as exhibitions and seminars to provide helpful technical datas and informations. We have further introduced devices and provided end-user training to various fields for your R&D research and quality improvement.

In particular, we supply equipment related to Flow Reaction Systems as well as Lab Automated Systems, and High Precision Thermoregulations.

Based on high reliability, accumulated high technology, and rich experience, we continue to exchange technical informations so that customers satisfy with our products.

We promise to make constant efforts to supply more competitive and high-quality products in the future.

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President & CEO

Chris Lee


We have been cooperating with firm and trending companies and institutes.

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