Inspired by temperature.

-125℃...+425℃ 초정밀 온도 조절 TCU 칠러 전문, 독일 HUBER

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Controllers, Sensors, Thermal Fluids

Plug & Play Controller

Controller with E-grade function to upgrade or as a replacement for an existing temperature control machine.


Pilot ONE® controller for CC® Circulators, Unichiller®, Unistats®

Accessories for Controller

Holder and extension cable for using the Plug & Play controller as a remote control.


Table stand for Pilot ONE®

Wall mounting bracket for Pilot ONE®

Extension cable for controller Pilot ONE® for using the controller

As remote control, length 3m

USB connection cable for controller Pilot ONE® to PC

External Pt100 sensors

For external thermoregulation applications a range of sensors are available. Special versions can be made on request.

Sensors (Standard cable length 1,5m)

Closed, Ø 6mm, 180mm

Closed with handle Ø 6mm, 200mm

Closed Ø 8mm, 400mm

Open in protective pipe Ø 8mm, 170mm

M16x1 sensor for flow or return

M16x1 sensor for flow or return double

M30x1.5 sensor for flow or return

M30x1.5 sensor for flow or return double

Extension cable pt100, length 3m

Calibration bend

Calibration bend mounted on the machine outlet. The calibration bend has a sensor pocket for sensor (#6138), which has to be calibrated by the user. The measured value appears on the display as reference for the internal sensor.


Calibration bend to calibrate the internal sensor M30x1.5

Thermal Fluids

DW-Therm® and DW-Therm HT® - exclusive for Unistats® (closed systems)

DW-Therm HT®
Temperature Range-90°C…+200°C
AppearanceTransparent, colorless or yellow liquid
Clear, orange colored liquid
Silane Content≥99%
≥99.5% partially hydrogenated terphenyls
Viscosity2.0 – 2.2mm2/sec at 20°C
32mm2/sec at 25°C
Density0.88g/cm3 at 15°C

1,004g/cm3 at 20°C

Boiling Range228 - 235°C

Approx.. 350°C

Solidification at:-137°C


Flash Point101°C

Approx. 190°C

Ignition Temperature265°C

Approx. 190°C

PropertiesDW-Therm is a mixture of isometric triethoxysilanes and has been developed for hydraulically systems.
DW-Therm HT is a mixture of partially hydrogenated terphenyls. It is for use exclusively in high temperature Unistats.

  > Excellent stability at high temperatures

  > Low viscosity at low temperatures

  > Low volatility and pleasant odour

  > Easy handling (no creeping like silicone oils)

  > Good compatibility with silicone oils

  > Insoluble in water, environmentally friendly, nontoxic

  > Long lifetime at high temperatures under inert atmosphere: 3-4 years

  > Good thermal properties for heat transfer

  > Favorable heat transfer Characteristics

  > High thermal oxidation stability

  > Nontoxic